One of the only warehouse management scanner systems that can be simply installed and configured.

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In order to improve efficiency of warehouse operations like logistics, inventory management, picking, receiving and production, BlueOceanScan was developed as a complimentary application add-on to SAP Business One.

Challenge: A warehouse distribution system which, due to tremendous organizational growth, was no longer able to meet the needs of current customers because of a heavy reliance on manual processes.

Strategy for Improvement: A complete overhaul of current processes with an emphasis on creating a system based on SAP Business One and running on web apps, which would eliminate specialists and increase productivity through distributive workflows.

Results:  A reduction in order processing time which created the ability to process more than 10x the number of orders in an 8-hour workday. Increased order accuracy percentage to 99.8%.

Equipment Components

  • iPhone
  • Honeywell Captuvo Sled
  • Need to purchase the AdaptiScan app from the App Store ($4.99)

Built in partnership with OCuSOFT Ocusoft logo

OCuSOFT was named as finalist by the Institute for Operational Excellence for two awards based on a case study being submitted detailing OCuSOFT’s success using the warehouse app. The awards are:

  • Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation


Logistics Customer Spotlight – Business Transformation at OCuSOFT Inc

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