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SPED – What is it?

Brazil government requires most companies to replace their actual printed statutory books (Daily, Journal, Goods movements – Modelos, etc) to electronic files that will be presented jointly in consolidated digital files.

These requirements are described as:

Accounting SPED, which is the electronic delivery of Daily and Journal books in a single file.

Fiscal SPED, which is the electronic delivery of all Goods Movements and Nota Fiscal books in a single file.

The reason for this requirement is to replace the printed books and improve the accuracy to control companies’ numbers.

Date for compliance

Accounting SPED starting on June 30 of 2009 for the first companies notified to deliver it.

Fiscal SPED starting on September 30 of 2009 for the first companies notified to deliver it.

If you are an SAP customer, you will need to do the following:

  • Analyze your processes
  • Check compliance with SPED rules
  • Check specific rules for your business
  • Apply Sap notes
  • Design a custom solution
  • Configure the system
  • Enhance the Sap provided programs if required
  • Test and deliver the files

How can Blue Ocean Systems help you?

  • Blue Ocean Systems has solutions to comply with all requirements of the new tax law in Brazil SPED (Sistema Público de Escrituração Digital).
  • Blue Ocean Systems  has assembled a team of Brazil based experts to help you comply with SPED requirements.
  • We can provide a fixed price proposal to help you keep the costs of implementation under control.
  • We are specialists in helping multi-national and global companies to implement SPED and comply with Brazilian law.
  • In general our Brazil based team can complete these projects in less than three months at very reasonable rates.

If you are interested, please contact:
John O’Neill (610) 659-5379

What about NF-e?

We have found that companies who implemented electronic Nota Fiscal were also notified to deliver Fiscal SPED (NF-e is a pre-requisite for Fiscal Sped in Sap).

NF-e comes to replace the Nota Fiscal issuing pattern. It Replaces the printed documents by electronic documents that are issued and stored electronically. The NF-e documents all operations regarding materials and services between 2 parties and has a juridical validity due to its digital signature filled by issuer, the tax authority and the receptor.

Significant savings can be made in fully automating and centralizing these processes in your ERP, avoiding manual efforts, third party systems and improving compliance.