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iBOLT Special Edition for SAP Business One

Magic Software is very pleased to introduce its business collaboration platform for SAP Business One, the iBOLT Special Edition, in response to your expressed needs. Here are some of the things you could use the iBOLT Special Edition for (mostly without coding):

  • Workflow and Composite Functionality
  • Multi-channel Access to SAP Business One Functions and Data
  • Business Collaboration (A2A, B2B, ...)
  • Third-Party Product Extension
  • Interoperability with Other Platforms (Unix, AS/400...)
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Performance Management.

iBOLT Special Edition for SAP Business One extends the capabilities and usability of SAP Business One, making it a central piece of a composite application, spanning the entire company. It is highly scalable - both from a technical and commercial point of view - and can add significant value to a 5-seat SAP Business One customer, as well as to an organization of 100 users.


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