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A centralized Job Management System, Job Costing for SAP Business One enables businesses to prepare quotes for their customers and manage resources, time, staff, material issuing & purchasing on a job by job basis. These features function seamlessly within the SAP Business One environment, as Job Costing for SAP Business One is tightly embedded into the core user interface, resulting in a very small learning curve.

Using Job Costing for SAP Business One, users can easily monitor project profitability and react as necessary during a project.


The key features of Enprise's Job Costing for SAP Business One include:

  • Job and Sub-Job Management
  • Customizable Job Types, Statuses, Categories and Analysis codes
  • Time and Material Entry
  • Resource Management
  • Estimating System with Integration to Sales Opportunities
  • Billing System with Pro-Rata and Under/Over Recovery
  • Contracts and Milestone Billing
  • Purchase Order / AP Invoice Integration
  • Service Call Integration for Advanced Management of Service Jobs
  • Bulk Job Invoicing
  • Contract Job Invoicing
  • Retention Management
  • Make to Stock / Light Manufacturing of Product
  • Integrated with SAP Business One General Ledger for Profitability Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting Options
  • Integrated Report Writer
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If you'd like a more detailed, in-person demo of Enprise Job Costing, please contact us.