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System Integration

SAP Business One's strong core functionality results in lower costs and faster implementation. Products such as SAP Business One and Magic iBolt simplify the integration experience and additional cost of integrating key business systems. Alongside these offering sits the Blue Ocean Systems developed framework integration product suite, which can seamlessly integrate master and transactional data.

 Systems Integrated

  • Our experience encompasses integration with multi-entity SAP Business One solutions, SAP Business One to mySAP ERP (SAP R/3) and 3rd party systems integral to core business processes.
  • We have found that large companies are putting in SAP Business One at smaller and mid size subsidiaries.  This involves integration of the SAP Business One system with the headquarter SAP ERP system.  Businesses are doing this because it is more cost effective with consistency with central headquarter systems.  

 Model-Driven Integration (MDI)

  • Both SAP Business One and iBolt adhere to the concept of Model-Driven Integration (MDI). MDI takes the fact that it is hard-coded functionality at the root of the pain and aims to avoid hard-coded parts in the integration logic.
  • This is done by covering the integration task with a model and by providing user interfaces to enable the configuration of the integration. The model controls the integration development and leads the integration consultant in a well structured manner through the task. Since the integration pattern takes over the most critical tasks, the job of the integration consultant turns from 'development' to 'configuration'. This procedure is very helpful for all involved parties. Even in the analysis phase, the model helps to ask the right questions before starting.
  • This approach leads to a significant reduction in the implementation effort. It can also lead to better trouble-shooting due to the visualization and transparency and thereby leading to better calculable maintenance.

 SAP Business One Integration Technology (SAP Business One)

  • SAP provides a solution with the SAP Business One Integration Technology. It reduces dramatically the required skills necessary to setup an integration environment by providing generic pattern for particular integration needs, by generating most of the configuration automatically, by providing descriptions of the application systems, descriptions of the interfaces and the objects' behavior and by providing ready-to-use Integration Content out-of-the-box. Even if the right content out-of-the-box is not available, the Semantical Integration Model (SIM) controls the development of new Integration Content by providing a well structured process and a comfortable graphical IDE.