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  • Blue Ocean Systems is a different kind of business consultancy.  We are not about complex models and theories -- we simply focus on helping businesses achieve sustainable improvements in their performance.
  • We understand that the success of your company depends upon clearly defined, meticulously executed operations and projects. We work with you to keep all factors on track to deliver the commercial benefits you require.
  • We also understand that simple systems simply work best. By providing you with a rapid implementation that includes configuration, training and post implementation support, the benefits can quickly be achieved.
  • Our consultants apply their knowledge to a broad range of problems in widely differing situations to achieve results through a collective expertise not often available within a single organization. Such solutions range from establishing positive changes in business practice to designing and implementing a new system with your organization


The Difference...

  • What makes us different is our ability to coach and lead your key employees to positive performance changes directly impacting your bottom line. At the heart of our service is:
    • Integrity in understanding your interests come first, but we will provide unbiased and focused feedback;
    • The intelligence and experience to understand situations accurately and develop sound business solutions;
    • The ability to communicate effectively by listening as well as talking;
    • An inquiring mind -  Every problem must have a solution;
    • Clarity of expression, both verbally and in writing;
    • The ability to work positively with people on all levels of the organization

We provide assistance in:

  • Project and Program Delivery

    • Organizing and managing delivery of projects and long term programs can be a difficult process. We take a simple, structured approach to delivery that can help you see real benefits in a short period of time.
  • Business Strategy
    • This can involve long-range planning, the reorganization of a company's structure, rationalization of services and products, or a general appraisal of the company operations.
  •  Information Technology
    • Blue Ocean Systems can help define your information needs, including provision of software, systems analysis and design computer feasibility studies, implementation of computer applications, evaluation of hardware, policy strategy development, customer satisfaction practices, performance measurement, people management, and processes.
  •  Operational Appraisal
    • It is often easier for an external perspective to see the broader picture and recognize long-term requirements. Blue Ocean Systems consultants can develop analyses and recommendations to enhance your company's continued growth.
  •  Temporary Management
    • Additional assistance can also be provided where there is a temporary increase in the management or delivery workload to cope with a major change or new development in any area of management responsibility.