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Application Development

  • Blue Ocean Systems offers products and solutions that require minimal customization and configuration to implement a successful solution. However, sometimes unique client requirements require development of a competitive advantage or strategies specific to that industry's vertical. In such cases we can deliver a customized, unique solution targeted to your business. We also offer cost effective solutions utilizing industry standard technology based on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Technology Platform - SAP Business One

  • To customize and develop add-on modules for SAP Business One, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is available supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.  This allows our developers to provide a future-proofed solution. The SKD  is a "toolbox" containing interfaces, sample code, documentation and development tools. The Software Development Kit allows programmers to easily interface third-party applications with SAP Business One on both the database and user interface level. It is an ideal platform to extend and change the functionality of SAP Business One.
  • Two COM based interfaces, the Data Interface API (DI API) and the User Interface API (UI API) for .NET, are included in the SAP Business One Software.
  • SOAP interface with a thin layer of COM

The Data Interface API exposes objects and methods to read, write and update data objects on database level:

  • Can be used independently from the SAP Business One front-end to access a company
  • Allows access to master and transactional data
  • Links existing 3rd party solutions 'as-is'

Each object can be also saved as XML and be load in XML according to the object Schema. The User Interface API exposes the UI elements of the SAP Business One front-end:

  • Provides objects and methods to access screen objects of the User Interface
  • Allows access to system internal events of the User Interface
  • Menus, Windows or Fields can be added with this interface
  • Allows to generate one integrated user interface for Business One and third party applications

 The Hybrid Delivery model

  • In today’s competitive and cost conscious world we understand the need to offer high quality yet competitive development facilities. Key features of the development model are:
    • Strong project life-cycle management
    • Attractive development costs
    • Future proofed development using latest technologies
    • Local point of contact

If you would like more details regarding our development offerings please contact us directly.