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SAP and Business One Work to Keep Natural Gas Flowing to America

Natural gas is one of the bright spots on America’s energy horizon, and one company is using an innovative business network approach to keep this country’s energy demand flowing from overseas.  Angola Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Supply Services, LLC (ALSS) can probably best be described as the lifeline between natural gas fields in Angola, on the South Atlantic coast of Africa, and domestic markets here in the United States. And SAP Business One is the network lifeline for all aspects of their transportation infrastructure.

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Complete Management Implementation in Two Weeks? Not Impossible with SAP Business One® and Manufacturing

Blue Ocean SystemsMason Road
SAP Business One and help us to be a much leaner company, reducing our costs and giving us a level of analysis to improve the process better.Blue Ocean Systems

Mike Nance, CEO
MN Aerospace

Installing software of any kind, whether it is a simple application or a multi-layered database management system, can sometimes seem like water torture.  Even something as simple as an upgrade can become a slow, painful process, feeling like a slow death by a thousand drops of design flaws, bugs, glitches and technical support calls.  And at every turn, there can be additional unforeseen problems, such as program incompatibility, software reengineering, vendor communication issues, extensive time delays and cost overruns.  But every once in a while, it can miraculously fall into place.

But every once in a while, can miraculously fall into place. | Read entire story here |

Blue Ocean Systems holds its 2nd Annual User Group Meeting at SAP Headquarters in Newtown Square, PA. 

Blue Ocean Systems
this was like a personal training session!Blue Ocean Systems

Customers were informed on SAP directions with regard to SAP Business One v8.8 and Business Objects by SAP Channel Enablement & Solution Expert, Lea Dvir.  It was an informative session and the customers were quoted as saying  “this was like a personal training session”!  Customers were also greeted by SAP Channel Manager Executive Mike Coleman.  Lunch was held in the SAP executive dining hall!  The forum provided for networking and Q&A.

(Left to Right): Eleanor Wu(Blue Ocean Systems), Mary Lai(Blue Ocean Systems), Garry Owings(C.R. Daniels), Gary Abel(C.R. Daniels), Jessica Abel(C.R. Daniels), Steve Wing(the Pride Group), Grace Liao(IRM),Sam Dan(IRM), Massoom Shah(IRM),  Lea Dvir(SAP, Channel Enablement & Solution Expert), John O’Neill(Blue Ocean Systems), Laura Van Winkle(Blue Ocean Systems)


Iron Man, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony and Blue Ocean Systems work together to open Hasbro's toy lines in Peru

Blue Ocean SystemsMason Road
Blue Ocean Systems knows how to work quickly and efficiently, Perez said.Blue Ocean Systems

Elias Perez, Operations Director Hasbro, Latin America

Iron Man, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony and Blue Ocean Systems may make an unlikely Fantastic Four, but for Hasbro Latin America they are working together to open the company's toy lines in Peru. | Read entire story here |

Blue Ocean Systems Helps Bits Technical Turn Custom-made Computers into A Custom-made Management System

Blue Ocean SystemsMason Road
The level of detail and attention they gave to our project convinced us we made the right choice in selecting Blue Ocean Systems and SAP.Blue Ocean Systems

Joanna Koong - Founder, Bits Technical

What happens when a company that sells custom-made computers needs a custom-made solution for its own operations? In the case of Bits Technical, they turned to Blue Ocean Systems and its package of customized SAP software.  | Read entire story here |

Blue Ocean Systems welcome OCuSOFT!

Welcome OCuSOFT! OCuSOFT provides new, innovative, and cost-effective ophthalmic pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products to the eye care market in an effort to improve procedures and increase patient compliance. OCuSoft is headquartered in Rosenberg, TX and has 3,000 products, as well as approximately 10,000 active customers nationwide; including major retail chains such as Wal Mart! As a result of utilizing SAP Business One, OCuSOFT expects improved business processes, improved customer service, and a more integrated environment. These pictures were taken during the contract signoff between OCuSOFT, Blue Ocean Systems, SAP, and DiCentral.

Pictured left to right are Cynthia Barratt, President of OCuSOFT; Greg Robinson, SAP; Sue Herreth, Sr. V.P. Operations at OCuSOFT

Pictured left to right are Cynthia Barratt, President of OCuSOFT; Sue Herreth, Sr. V.P. Operations at OCuSOFT; Eric Braswell, DiCentral; Darrizett Moore, Blue Ocean Systems; Keith Arnett, DiCentral, Jimmy Payne, DiCentral; Greg Robinson, SAP

SAP Business One User Group Forum

Blue Ocean Systems
We applaud Blue Ocean Systems for having the meeting; it was a great exchange of information!Blue Ocean Systems

An exchange of thoughts and ideas, sharing of business practices, and great networking took place at the Blue Ocean Systems’ Wilmington, DE office!

Front Row (Left to Right): Grace Liao(IRM), Tara Mosby(Nemetschek), Maria Bible(Nemetschek) Back Row (Left to Right): Eleanor Wu(Blue Ocean Systems), Arlene McKeown(the Pride Group), Gary Abel(C.R. Daniels), Josselyn Delussey(IRM), Steve Wing(the Pride Group), Mary Lai(Blue Ocean Systems), Garry Owings(C.R. Daniels), John O’Neill(Blue Ocean Systems), Jim McKee(Blue Ocean Systems), Karen Musselman (Blue Ocean Systems), Bill Van Cleave(Blue Ocean Systems)

On Budget and On Time: 
Blue Ocean Completes A Global Data Link for IMS Health

Blue Ocean SystemsMason Road
It was a positive working relationship,” Angione said. “Before either IMS Health or Blue Ocean committed to the project, we went through an extensive interview process to ensure internal compatibility between our own people and Blue Ocean’s consultants.”  “One of the benefits of working with Blue Ocean is flexibility.

Blue Ocean Systems
Dan Angione - Vice President Finance
Shared Business Services
IMS Health – Pennsylvania

With apologies to the character Julian Marsh in the Broadway musical 42nd Street, the “most beautiful words in the English language” are not “musical comedy,” but “on budget, on time.” At least to a project manager!
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Bending Software to Fit A Fabricator

Blue Ocean SystemsMason Road
The amount of time they [Blue Ocean Systems] spent with me.....
spent with me and my staff way before we even got to what it would cost me, asking those questions, and trying to learn my business inside and out, convinced me this is the company I want to do business with,Blue Ocean Systems

Chris Jinks – Business Owner
Mason Road Sheet Metal, Texas

About twenty miles west of Houston, along the I-10 lies the little prairie town of Katy, Texas, founded in 1895 as a rail hub for the rice and sugar cane the area produced. Legend has it the town was named for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, commonly called the "K-T" Railroad that ran through that area in the 19th Century.
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Blue Ocean Systems Assists MSA in Worldwide Business One Rollout

Our integration plan is to connect our subsidiaries running the SAP Business One software to our headquarters SAP R/3 environment so we are all working from a set of common assumptions with a set of common tools.

Chris Kairys – Director IT Implementation
MSA International, Pittsburgh, PA

Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) has been manufacturing products that protect people in hazardous workplaces throughout the world since its beginning nearly 100 years ago. Recently, in an effort to establish an integrated global information platform, MSA chose SAP Business One to integrate its regional offices and establish a common set of processes, tools, and standards, and added modules for manufacturing. One of the company's key goals is to connect its subsidiaries with the SAP R/3 environment at the headquarters office in Pittsburgh, PA. Blue Ocean Systems is helping to drive business value with consulting expertise and to ensure the successful delivery and acceptance of MSA's software rollout - and its expected benefits.
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Starting Out with the Right Roadmap

Blue Ocean Systems helped us integrate with our SAP Business One implementation to support the manufacturing functionality we need.

Mark Lineberger – Controller
BMB Steering Innovation, North Carolina

When BMB Steering Innovation GmbH decided to open a subsidiary in the US, it was the perfect time to define the operation's functional requirements and the optimal flow of business information throughout the new plant. With the help of Blue Ocean Systems and D1 Technologies, BMB rolled out the SAP® Business One application with manufacturing software to run its new venture. Production started with a well-defined roadmap for success supported by accurate, up-to-the minute, 360-degree visibility into manufacturing, warehouse management, purchasing, sales, and finance.
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Finding the Right Fit

SAP Business One enables us to capture data that we had no ability to capture before. This information will allow us to optimize the organization as we grow and plan for the future.

Carney Vensel – International IT Manager
LORD Corporation, PA and North Carolina

LORD Corporation, with 17 manufacturing facilities in nine countries, provides its customers with valuable expertise in adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion control, and magnetically responsive technologies. The company's international expansion prompted management to look for new business software to manage and integrate its international subsidiaries. LORD Corporations's executive team chose SAP® Business One and manufacturing as a cost-effective solution to support discrete and process manufacturing operations in multiple international locations. With the help of Blue Ocean Systems, LORD continues the successful rollout of its new business software worldwide.
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