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Blue Ocean Systems is an integrated business solutions consultancy, specializing in implementation and support for SAP business solutions.  Our software and service solutions include SAP ERP, SAP Business One and add-on software solutions including manufacturing, PowerOLAP business analytics and iBOLT systems integration.  Our combined experience includes owner-managed business, consulting services firms, and blue-chip global manufacturing and sales organizations.  Whatever your field,  Blue Ocean Systems consultants can enhance your business productivity.

We have taken our experience from big business and applied it to system implementation projects in both small and large organizations.  We have found that buying a new business management software system is more than just installing the software, it also involves helping you to better organize how the business has been run so that you can be more efficient with the new software.  We take the time and care to ensure your business runs better and the resources in your company understand and like to use the new software!

Blue Ocean Systems started in the United States and has international organizations we network with to bring global services and solutions to our customers.  We have also been a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council in the USA and support the role of all worldwide.

Women's Business Enterprise National Council

Blue Ocean Systems - Certified Women's Business Enterprise

Blue Ocean Systems is a women’s certified run business.


Blue Ocean Systems delivers integrated business solutions using our proven implementation approach.  Our customers benefit from our collective expertise in a variety of fields, including business services, apparel and footwear, food and beverage, manufacturing, chemicals and oil.


We know simple systems work best. We understand a rapid implementation including configuration, training and post implementation results in immediate and measurable benefits to your business.

Backed by partnership expertise, our core goal is to ensure your smooth and effective transition to a new way of doing business.